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We assess and validate conferences in terms of scientific validity, content and reputation of organizer on the basis of criteria set by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as well as international criteria so that researchers and professors may comfortably register, participate and attend top international events.

English-language conferences

One of the key criteria in international and reliable conferences refers to their presentation language which mostly is English. Accordingly, the scientific papers and research should be written and presented in English. Considering this key point, Confino aims to introduce those conferences, conventions and seminars which are exclusively held in English.

Totally free appraisal of your papers

As a reference to participate in international prestigious conferences, the Scientific Evaluation Committee of Confino assesses your scientific papers in terms of practicality, coherence, validity and novelty of resources. As such, you will be more confident of acceptance of your papers and, then, you may decide to proceed to pay the concerned costs.

About Confino

Confino is a system that facilitates registration and participation in international conferences, training and industrial tours, international congresses and workshops as well as training seminars.

Confino is composed of some experienced and creative researchers who eagerly endeavor to help managers, professors, experts, researchers and individuals interested in participating in prestigious international conferences

Expertise, accountability, customer-centeredness, professionalism, teamwork spirit and creativity as well as commitment to scientific ethics are our high-priority top values in Confino.


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